Designed for the Independant Fashion Retailer
The world of Fashion Retail presents a unique challenge: new season, a completely new
product set. Although there are many “business management “ software offerings available ,
most were designed either as POS, accounting, or inventory control systems with “add-ons”. 
Fashion-Ware was designed and developed from the ground up by an independent fashion
retailer as an integrated business management solution focused on their needs. It
encompasses all of the function required to operate and manage your business from order
control through sales analysis and financial reporting.
Although designed specifically for the Fashion Retailer, Fashion-Ware is a perfect fit for any retail business that
deals with an ever changing seasonal product line or variations in product by colour, size or any other unique
characteristic. Some other markets where Fashion-Ware would align with your business requirements are
footwear, consumer electronics and home decor retail operations.
Business Management Solution for the Independent Retailer
If you’re like most independent fashion retailers, your days are full: serving
customers, merchandising your store, selecting new merchandise, receiving
goods and paying your bills; 6 or 7 days a week.  At the end of the day, the last
thing you want to do is pour through that mountain of paperwork and analyze how
your business is performing. Fashion-Ware keeps your paperwork under control
and let’s you understand how your business is performing at the touch of a
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